We confirm we have complied with the government guidelines for the management of risk of Covid-19. We have carried out Covid-19 risk assessments which have been shared with all our staff.

We have put in place additional cleaning & handwashing procedures according to the current guidelines. We have taken reasonable steps to maintain a safe distance in the workplace in line with current guidelines & where staff & guests cannot maintain social distance we have done everything we can to minimise the risk. Customers are requested to adhere to the Scottish Government guidelines on number of families per table. These guidelines are changing from level to level. 


All our staff have been consulted and completed a return to work questionnaire.They have attended our training course on Covid-19 health & Safety procedures at work.
Prior to arrival at work staff will complete a Covid-19 Daily Health Check & act accordingly.
On arriving to work all staff will have their temperature checked. There will be hand sanitiser available for immediate use when they enter the building.
All staff will change as soon as they arrive at work into their uniforms or appropriate workwear.
Staff will wear face masks at all times, adhering to the procedure for putting on a face mask & will wear gloves where appropriate.
Staff will wash their hands for 20 seconds every 30 minutes throughout their shift.
There will be no physical contact such as handshakes permitted.


All our suppliers will be asked to provide their procedures relating to Covid-19.
The number of daily deliveries will be kept to a minimum.
All boxes and arriving goods will be cleaned and sanitised.
All delivery drivers will be asked to register on the track and trace system on every occasion they deliver.


Upon entering our restaurants we will kindly ask our guests to:

Sanitise hands with provided hand sanitisers,
 Register their name and contact details on the QR Track and Trace system. This only needs to be uploaded once and thereafter takes seconds to register. Guests should register on arrival and check out on departure.
Guests should take their coats to their tables. No cloakroom facility is available at this time.
Any guest who feels unwell, or has experienced Covid symptons should telephone to cancel their reservation. Please do not attend the restaurant if you feel unwell.


Tables will be set with staff wearing gloves & face masks.
All menus will be sanisitsed between each service.
QR Codes will be available on each table to scan and access menu.
Guests will be asked to adhere to their booking times to ensure social distancing guidelines can be met. If when arriving other guests are there, we will ask you to maintain your distance.
There will be sanitiser available to use when guests arrive into the restaurant.
There will be no physical contact such as handshakes permitted.
Hand sanitiser & sanitising wipes will be available for all guests & staff throughout the dining room and public areas.
Staff will strictly adhere to washing hands every 30 minutes during service and minimize any interaction with guests which results in possible contaminated contact, such as clearing plates & glasses.
Our dining table tops and bases will be sanitized each service, before guests arrive and after they have left. We will not be using tablecloths.
Disposable napkins will not be touched by staff once they are set on the table or until the table is cleared & will not be refolded when a guest leaves the table during their meal.
Guests will be asked to check with staff if the toilets are free to use.
We have appointed a new position for routine and regular cleaning of our toilet areas and regular touch point areas such as door handles which will be done at regular intervals across each service.
For the serving of wine & water, the first glass will be poured & then we will ask guests to pour for themselves. Bottles will be left for the guest & topping up will not be done by the staff.
PDQ machines & bill folders will be sanitised before & after each transaction.
When guests have finished their meal they may be asked to wait while other guests leave the restaurant to help with maintaining social distancing.
If guests are being collected by friend or taxi we would request that the collecting driver does not enter the restaurant.